2015: My year of microadventure

It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were sitting in a pub with a blank version of the microadventure calendar, cross-referencing Al Humphreys suggestions and thinking up some things to fill the months.

Now all those squares and months are filled with fabulous adventures and wonderful memories, along with a very big dollop of satisfaction. Putting it simply, 2015 was an amazing year. Predominantly centred on small adventures close to home, with a smattering of more far-flung challenges, it was a great challenge to take on and something now to build on.

Whether we were trundling up to our local woods on the ridgeline of the North Downs or, as we did in May, taking on a 100-mile bikepacking challenge in Dorset, the sense of enjoyment and achievement was just the same, though the latter was more painful! And on some trips, not quite knowing where you will sleep or what you’ll find along the way just adds to the overall excitement.

Looking ahead to 2016, the basic plan is to crank things up a notch or two and build on the platform laid down last year. After a year of adventures I now feel very comfortable with the kit I’ve got and know what works and what doesn’t. I would just like to take that kit further afield than I did in 2015 and test myself a little more.

Some highlights in our 2016 plan include taking to the water to canoe the Medway Canoe Trail in the Spring before taking on the might of the River Wye in the Summer. We also want to get up to the Peaks or Lakes for a weekend so fingers crossed that all comes together as there’s plenty of other commitments to juggle in life!

12 months. 12 overnight adventures. One awesome time.

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