Planning May’s microadventure

In my opinion, it’s only the duration of this weekend’s microadventure that has anything ‘micro’ about it. Even then we are gone for three days so I might just be clutching at straws!

Our microadventures this year have been fairly simple, yet enjoyable, affairs; never venturing too far from home, but still enough to say we had an adventure. For May we are upping the ante significantly by taking part in the Gravel Dash 50:50, a two day, 100-mile bikepacking ‘test of endurance’ around the Isle of Purbeck and wider Dorset countryside. It all seemed such a good idea to sign up a couple of months ago but now it’s just around the corner I’m feeling more than a little apprehensive. Sometimes going in blind to an event is not a bad thing. The problem I have is, although I’m not local, I know the Isle of Purbeck well and I know how big the hills are and how tough it can be on the legs. Adding the weight of plenty of kit and water will only test my resolve even more.

It suddenly looks a long way across two maps!
It suddenly looks a long way across two maps!

For all that though, I am really looking forward to our trip. We’ve planned it with a level of precision Churchill and Montgomery would’ve approved of and it’s going to be a true adventure – a wild beach campout on Friday, followed by a riverside camp on Saturday, not to mention over 8,000 feet of ascent across chalky hills and sandy, leg-sapping heaths and forests. If by the time we return at some point on Sunday I can just about remember my own name I’ll be happy.

Look out for my thoughts on the event in the coming days.

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