Microadventures – leaving the complexity behind

I’ve been inspired by one man’s passion for adventure on a small scale. Like a lot of people I lead a busy life. I squeeze in my interests when I can – bug hunts with the kids, birdwatching on a family walk, early rides, late rides, ‘are-you-really-going-out-at-this-time?’ rides. Then late last year I read about microadventures and the evangelical Alistair Humphreys. A man who’s committed to showing people that they are capable of adding a dose of adventure into their already hectic lives.

But why microadventures? Above all else, it’s about regaining a little simplicity in what is becoming a lifestyle of increasing complexity. The idea also seems a great way of connecting with and appreciating nature and the environments I like to spend time in, but in a different way to how I’ve had those experiences in the past. Being predominantly a cyclist and using that as the one way to keep fit, I spend most of my time travelling through my corner of the world generally as fast as my legs and lungs will carry me. With the advent of social communities like Strava, it’s all-too-easy to become obsessed with personal records, digital trophies and King of the Mountain crowns and forget the reasons why I fell in love with cycling in the first place.

Technology, more generally, tends to bring us all closer together and I think there’s a danger in feeling like we no longer need to get up and out and discover the world in which we live. I’m keen to challenge that at a very local level. I guess there’s a desire to really connect with nature. To occasionally live in and among it, rather than travelling through it in a particular heart rate zone.

So I’m following (along with a friend) the basis of a plan put together by Alistair Humphreys. To undertake a microadventure at least once a month through 2015 and share my experiences and hopefully inspire others to see what is possible with not much time and little budget.

2 thoughts on “Microadventures – leaving the complexity behind

  1. Lee, I really like your writing, and in particular your thoughts on the likes of Strava driving us relentlessly towards a false achievement. I follow another blog called “The Bimbler” who spots minute details in things he passes. I’m sure there is cope for something speed in the middle!

    What do you have planned for May?


    1. Hi Julie, Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated. For May’s adventure we are upping the ante somewhat and taking part in the Gravel Dash 50:50, a 100-mile two-day bikepacking event in Dorset. Thankfully it’s not a race so our speed will be slow and steady! Watch out for my review in a couple of weeks.


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